Fire Fighting System

Automatic CO2 System

  • Redundancy by Master / Slave Cylinders
  • Nitrogen Actuation system
  • Check Valves , Safety Valves ,Weighting System , Solenoid Valves ,Directional Valves ,..

Foam Bladder Tank Package

  • Horizontal and Vertical Tanks
  • Wide range of capacity from 600 to 12000 liters
  • Check Valves, Safety valves, Level Gauge, Solenoid Valves, Deluge Valves…

Fire Monitor

  • Manual Operating and Electrical Activation Monitors
  • Static and Portable Type for different application
  • Monitors for use with Water & Foam fluid
  • Different Nozzles for all firefighting systems
  • 360 Deg of Rotation
  • Hand Wheel by request

Water Spray System

  • Manual and Electrical Deluge Valves
  • Different Size for Water and Foam application
  • Water Spray Nozzle, High Velocity Spray Nozzle
  • Fusible Plug system