Valves, Regulators & Positioners

Control Valves

  • Different Actuation (Manual, Motorized, Solenoid, Pneumatic …)
  • Wide Range of Valves (Rotary, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Gate…)
  • Pressure Relief Valve with Safety Applications
  • Inline Solenoid Valves, 2-3-4-5 way for Process Applications
  • Body Material as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel,
  • Flanged & Welded Connection in Different Valve Sizes

Regulators and Positioners

  • High Pressure Regulators for all Process industries
  • Down Stream & Up Stream Pressure Regulators
  • Air Filter Regulator
  • Inlet Pressure Up to 4,000 PSIG
  • Different type of material 316 SS, Brass, Cast Iron,
  • Corrosion Resistance with long life time
  • Wide Range of Connection type for different application
  • High operating temperature